10:36pm June 22, 2014


Heights of Frozen Characters - 

  • Anna - 5’0” - 152 cm
  • Elsa - 5’4” - 162 cm
  • Kristoff - 5’10” - 177cm
  • Hans - 5’6” - 167cm
  • Olaf - 2’6”/ 76cm without twigs 3’1”/94cm with twigs 
  • Sven - 4’3” - 129cm

Notes and Process detailed below for those curious

A Few Notes -

  • This is based on the assumption that standard door knobs are 3 feet off the ground (Oaken’s door)
  • Each height therein after is calculated off Anna’s height, which was calculated from Oaken’s door. 
  • My ruler measures accurately to the nearest 16th of an inch 
  • irl means how tall the character is in real life measured with a ruler. Neither this number nor the calculated conversion will match on your screen.
  • frz means ‘verse height
  • All heights rounded to the nearest inch.
  • Click image to read easier
  • Too little too late EDIT: Heel sizes(shoes) were taken into consideration

Process - 
Anna’s height is based off Oaken’s door which is measured in the first picture. A conversion rate between irl height and ‘verse height for this particular scene was created. 

For every inch measured with a ruler, the equivalent height in ‘verse is ~11.07” since it is assumed the door knob is 3 feet off the floor. I can then calculate Anna’s height as shown in the second photo. The gap between her head and the 6’ mark is approximately ~11.8 inches which is rounded then to 1 foot. 6-1 = 5’.

From there on, I created a conversion knowing Anna’s height by measuring her with a ruler, measuring the second character with a ruler I can apply the conversion and calculate their height. 

Ex. Elsa’s Height - 

Anna is 5’0” and measured 6.75” irl
6.75” irl = 60” frz        1”irl = 60”frz / 6.75”   1” irl = 8.8889” frz 

Elsa is measured to be 7.1875” irl -
7.1875” irl =     (7.1875 * 8.8889)” frz  =     63.889” frz  =      ~5’4”

This process is repeated for the rest of the characters in the above scenes.

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